Information on the most popular dogs to help you find just the right dog for you.

This article is written for people who want to know about all dogs not just about small dogs. This is a list of all sizes for popular dogs from A.K. for 2008.


The most popular dog of all for the 16th consecutive year is the Lab because he is non-aggressive, outgoing, eager to please and has gentle ways which makes him a of his gentle ways, non-aggressive, outgoing and eager to please makes him a wonderful family dog. He is great with children, loves to play and wants to be part of the family. He is intelligent, energetic, loving and easily trained. He makes a good watch dog. All in all a great companion!

Labrador Retriever Picture


The Yorkie Terrier or "Yorkies" are classified as a toy breed and only weigh between 5 - 7 pounds. These little dogs love attention, are affectionate, lovable and make good watchdogs.

Yorkshire Terrier


They are a large, strong and agile dog that weighs between 75-95 pounds. They have great adaptability, versalility and are intelligent. A German Shepherd is full of life, cheerful, self-confident He is devoted and loyal to his owner. He therefore makes a good companion and loves his family. He only barks when necessary but has a strong protective instinct so they need to be socialized and given obedience training

He is a beautiful dog with a medium length cream to golden colored coat. A lovable, well-mannered, intelligent but active dog. Plus he has great charm. He is patient, very tolerant and has a pleasing personality which makes him a great dog with children. The Lab is easily trained because he likes to please. He is one of the most common family dogs today.
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Golden Retriever Picture


A beagle has long dropping ears and conveys an expression that is gentle and pleading. They bond to a family especially with children. They need companionship, have a sweet disposition, are lively, outgoing and even-tempered. They don't require a lot of grooming but do need firm training.

Beagle Picture


This calm and happy dog gets along very well with children and bonds well with a family. Boxers have very expressive faces. They do need lots of a attention but they are a loving, loyal, highly intelligent dog that has boundless energy and is playful. He makes a great guard dog and is highly trainable. He doesn't bark without cause. They weigh between 53-70 pounds. Do you want more information on boxers? This ebook is full of information. "Boxer Dog Secrets"!


Their are two sizes of Dachshunds: standard and miniature. They are charming, lively, playful and an affectionate dog. They tend to be better with older considerate children and good for older people,

Dachshund Picture

The Bulldog took over 8th place this year from the Miniature Schnauzer. These dogs are somewhat ugly but have those droopy adorable faces and sad eyes. Who could resist them? They are a loyal breed, friendly, loving and good-natured. They love children and other animals.


9. Poodle

Their are three sizes of Poodles: standard, miniature and toy. The miniature and toy are the most popular. They are one of the most trainable breeds but start training the when they are puppies. They are a highly intelligent, good-tempered, extremely people-oriented and happy dogs.



One of the oldest breeds, they are a graceful toy dog. They are very engaging, sweet and spunky dog. They have a strong sense of self so would be a poor choice for a family with babies or small children since he tends to be jealous of them. He's a fine companion for older children. He is a very loyal and friendly dog. They only weigh between 9-16 pounds.

Shih Tzu Picture

Here are some other dogs not on the top ten list but that are popular:


This dog is a charming clown at heart and makes an excellent family dog. He is a favorite with children and is just a great dog to have live with you. He loves to please you, is fun loving, even- tempered, outgoing and playful. He however enjoys being a lap dog, too. This breed is growing in popularity.

Pug Picture


This toy breed is not suited for children because they can be nippy with them and they are easily hurt. They are good for older people who what a dog to spoil and has time to give to him lots of attention. They are quite intelligent, loyal and make a good guard dog. They only weigh between 2-6 pounds.

Chilichula Picture

Miniature Schnauzer

The Miniature Schnauzer is placed 11th on the American Kennel list. they move most everyone which makes them a good companion and family pet.

Miniature Schnauzer

Small dog breeds continues to increase in popularity in the last ten years. Beside the ones listed above others are:

French Bulldog
Boston Terrier

Larger dogs growing in popularily not listed above are:

Pointer (German Shorthound)
Shetland Sheepdogs

Hopefully you have found the dog you want or at least been given some dogs to check out!

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