Cockapoo Dogs Are Great Family Dog

The Cockapoo is also known as cockerpoo, spoodle and cockerdoodle. They have been popular in the United States since the 1950’s.

Cockapoo dogs are a hybrid dog. They have the best qualities of the American Coker Spaniel and the Poodle (usually a miniature or toy poodle). This, of course, is assuming these dogs are not bred from defective cockers or poodles. wonderful dispositions. These dogs are intelligent, sweet natured, very affectionate,friendly and mellow.

They have a forgiving nature that make them an ideal dog for children. Their personality is unparalled in their ability to relate to people especially children. Therefore, they make great family pets and an ideal companion for seniors. They enjoy the company of other pets and dogs too.

They have low shedding coats with very little dander which is the culprit in allergies people have to dogs. So they make a great choice for these people.

They love to play and do require daily walks if they do not have a small yard to play in. This also helps to keep them healthy since they have a tendency to overeat.

They are eager to please and easily trained. Cockapoo’s have a lower incidence of gentic defects than their parental breeds. You do need to keep their ears clean because they are prone to ear infections.

Cockapoo Dog Picture

They tend to live a long life….18-22 years.

They come in four sizes:

Teacup – under 6 pounds
Toy – under 12 pounds
Miniature – 13-18 pounds
Maxi/Standard – over 19 pounds

A Cockapoo has a sturdy appearance. Their eyes are large, round, well spaced with an intelligent expression. Their eyes can be dark brown or hazel. Ears hang fairly close to their head and are feathered. Their tails can be docked or well featured and full coated if long.

The have three different coat types:

Tight curly coat
Medium curl coat
Flat coat

They come in many colors: any solid color, Parti color(solid with white), phaniton (brown, black, silver body with contrasting color on legs).

As always purchase your Cockapoo from a reputable breeder to insure a healthy dog. Check the NACR Breeder Lising for registered breeders.

Note: You will find that not all Cockapoo's look alike due to coat type, breed size used,etc. This picture is just one look.

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