The Biewer Yorkie or Biewer Yorkshire is a rare toy dog that is seldom found outside of Germany. He is said to be “a big dog in a small body.” Biewer Yorkie’s are good companion dogs and they love to set in your lap.

These dogs originated in Germany and were fully developed in 1984 by Werner and Gertrude Biewer. They were bred through gene mutation, also known as a recessive piebald gene produced by the Biewer’s Yorkshire Terriers. The breed was imported to the US in 2003.

The first German Biewer Yorkshire club (BTCA) was established in May 2003. It was formed to educate the public about the Biewer breed, organize dog show for the Biewer breed and set standard for them. Just in the fall of 2006, the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier National Club (BYYNC) was started This group of Biewer breeders and fanciers formed to protect and promote the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier.

The Biewer Yorkie has a very compact and well-portioned body with hair at least ¾ inches down it is side or long enough that it goes nearly to the ground. His hair has a silky and shiny texture with no undercoat. This breed does not shed.

His eyes are medium sized and dark with small V-shaped ears that are upright He has pure white legs, belly and breast. His head is white with blue or black and gold symmetrical coloring. His truck may be blue-white or white. These dogs life expectancy is 13-15 years, grow between 8-10 inches and weight between 6-8 pounds.

Biewer Yorkie’s are brave, loyal, alert, intelligent, even-tempered and are an affectionate breed with their owners. As far as children, they are best with older ones.

Apartment living is fine for this dog. They tend to be very active indoors but love to play outdoors. Although they usually get enough exercise by playing, they love walks.

This breed is easily trained but can be stubborn. They make excellent watchdogs. In addition, can be aggressive to strangers, strange dogs and small animals.

Biewer’s can be demanding and dependent – they need human attention. They need a controlled climate – not to intense heat or cold.

The only grooming the require is a bath every 2-3 weeks and a combing once a week.

Disease they are prone to:

  • Eye irritations
  • Tracheal collapse
  • Patellar luxation
  • Premature dental disease

To help prevent dental disease feed you dog dry dog food to help keep his teeth clean and strong. Also, have his teeth cleaned by your vet.

Choose your breeder with care. Be sure he does health screenings on the puppy’s parents to help avoid future health problems. The tests are: CERF, Patellar luxation testing (OFA) and Liver Shunt Certification.

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