The Miniature Schnauzer is the most popular and best known among the Schnauzer breeds.


They are of German origin and are recognizable in pictures from the 15th Century. They were bred from the original Standard Schnauzer to create a small companion dog.


These breed is a small, squarely proportioned dog with a long head, bushy bread, mustache and eyebrows. Their eyes are oval, dark colored and v-shaped. Their ears fold forward with a strong muzzle and black nose. Miniature Schnauzer coats are pepper salt, grey and white mixture but solid black and black and silver also exist. Their coats are non-shedding which make them a hypo-allergenic dog and great for people with allergies.

Weight: 10-15 pounds
Height: 12-14 inches
Life Span: 15 years

Miniature Schnauzer Picture


  • Active
  • Playful
  • Alert
  • Highly intelligent
  • Quick mind
  • Loving
  • Feisty
  • Happy
  • Curious

These dogs thrive on attention and affection from you. He loves most everyone which makes him a good companion and family pet. They are happy with a house overflowing with children. They are at home in an apartment or country living. They are a fairly active indoor dog and enjoy long walks.

They are a fairly aggressive dog and make a good guard dog.

This breed get along with other animals but should be introduced to other dog breeds while young.

They are easily trained especially in obedience class.

They do bark a lot but not a yappy barker. He should like he is talking to you in a low carried-out voice. So you really don't mind it.

They are an usually healthy breed.

Like all breeds they are prone to certain diseases:

  • Kideny stones

  • Liver disease
  • Skin disorders
  • Von Willebrand's disease
  • Diabetes
  • Live aliments
  • Cysts

Since they have a wiry coat they do need to be brushed daily with a short wire brush otherwise it will become matted. You need to clip out any knots and every spring and fall an expert should give them a clip all over.


You need to feed a Miniature Schnauzer a nutritionally complete and balance dog food. Don't overfed him because they gain weight easily. Always be sure his water bowl is filled because dogs drink a lot of water.

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