Coton de Tulear Dogs

Coton de Tulear dogs are an elegant rare breed. They are small but not toy sized. These dogs are largely unknown among the general population. They make lively companions that retain their puppy-like joy all of their lives.

In French “cotton” means cotton. That is what their coat’s look like. Their coats are fluffy, flyaway cotton-like. These dogs have a long top coat but not all have a fine, thin downy undercoat. Their coats come in three colors – white, black & white and tri color.

Coton de Tulear’s are graceful and exceptionally agile. They have a compact, slightly larger than tall body. Their eyes are round in dark in color with an expression that is merry, lively and intelligent. They have a scissors bite, triangular ears set high, a strong neck, a pink or partly pink nose and small arched feet.

Height: 9-13”
Weight: 10-15 pounds
Life Span: 14-18 years

There is a rare Tall Coton, which grows up to 17”. This dog can be born into a litter of normal-sized parents.

Coton de Tulear dogs are calm and non-aggressive. They are people-oriented and love to play with children. Most seldom bark but some will with the approach of strangers. They are eager to please but have a mind of their own and can be a little stubborn. They form strong attachment to their master and family.

These dogs can adjust to any reasonable climate and are primarily an indoor dog. They are content to lie at your feet or lay in your lay but can also take long walks with you. You may see that cock their heads attentively when spoken to, smile and stand or walk on their hind leg to please their families.


  • Intelligent
  • Affectionate
  • Playful
  • Slow to anger
  • Lively
  • Enthusiatic
  • Get along well with other dogs and pets

A short walk everyday will be enough exercise for them although they can go on longer walks. They do like play sessions and love to swim.

Coton de Tulear dogs are a hearty and healthy breed since they have not been over bred.

It is recommended that they be fed a vegetarian and low protein diet.

As far as grooming, brush every other day, baths on 1-2 times a year, clean ears, and trim their nails. These dogs are considered hypoallergenic which means they do not shed and their hair is a lot like humans.


Coton de Tulear is the official dog of Tulear, Madagascar. They were taken to Madagascar in the 16th Century by sailor from Portugal and Spain. They are believed to be related to the Bichon dog family. They were brought to the U.S. by Dr. Robert Russell in 1974.

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