God...sat down for a moment when the dog was finished in order to watch it...and to know that it was good, that nothing was lacking, that it could not have been made better. - Rainer Maria Rilke -

This page is just a fun one about amazing dog facts with a few dog proverbs thrown in. I hope you find in enjoyable.

For most of human history dogs have been domesticated and we have loved them. Dogs are one of the most popular pets in the world. He is called man's best friend and is loyal to him. They fit into family life and all that they ask for is praise and affection.

His name is not wild dog anymore, but the first friend, because he will be our friend for always and always and always. - Rudyard Kipling


  • All dogs are an direct descendant of wolves

  • North America has the highest population of dogs in the world

  • The oldest dog on record is 29 years old. He was an Australian Cattle-Dog.

  • Dog's heart is similar to a human's - it has four chambers.

  • Scientists believe dogs see lesser quality of color then perceived by humans - like seeing colors through a dusky, mask of twilight.

  • Basenji only dog that doesn't bark.

  • Can sense orders 100 million times lower than humans.

  • Better night vision than humans.

  • Oldest breed in the world is a Saluki - royal dog of Egypt and recognized as far back as 329 B.C.

  • They have super sensitive hearing - some can hear sounds 250 yards away - 100 times greater than humans.

  • Oldest American dog breed is the American Foxhound. They date back to 1650.

  • A few rare and unusual dog breeds are the Podengo, Broholmer, Lundehund and the Lowcher.

  • The tallest breeds of dogs are the Irish Wolfhound, Great Dane, the St. Bernard, Borzoi, Anatolian Karabash and the English Mastiff. They can get to be 35 inches at their shoulders.

  • The Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog which is between 2-6 pounds.

  • They enjoy sugar.

  • Chocolate affect dog's heart and nervous system. A few ounces are enough to kill a small dog.

  • Dogs have twice as many muscles for moving then a human.

  • Dogs are loyal to their owner not because they give him food but because of their respect and companionship you give him.

  • In terms of human years, an one year old dog is equivalent to a 15 year old human.

  • As much as your dog like rawhide it's not good for them. You need to limit how much they eat.

  • Boxers start a fight with thier front paws like a human and that's how they got their name.

  • Newfoundland's are great swimmers and divers because they have web feet.

  • A Irish Wolfhound can pick up a Mastiff or Bulldog because they are so strong.

  • Mixed breed dogs have a lineage that is likely unknown so are different from Cross breeds because they are two different breeds of dogs combined together.

  • Bassets can't swim.

  • The Afghan Hound was a favorite of royalty and is mentioned in writings back to 4000B.C.

  • Dalmations are born white.

  • The oldest pure bred British dog is thought to be the Cardiagan Welsh Corgi. Their roots are traced to Wales around 1200 B.C.

  • A puppy will chew on anything so make sure they have something to chew on.

  • Puppy's don't open their eyes until they are 10 to 15 days old.

  • Normal body temperature for a dog is 101.2F.

  • Dogs turn in circles before lying down because when they were wild this turned long grass into a bed.

My little dog - a heartbeat at my feet. - Edith Wharton

They never talk about themselves but listen to you while you talk about yourself, and keep up an appearance of being interested in the conversation. - Jerome K. Jerome

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