You want to buy your dog a bed, so what things should you consider? Your small dog needs proper support just like you, the right size, filling, shape and more.

First you need to get a dog bed that is the right size. So measure your dog from tip of his nose to base of tail and from floor to shoulders or head when he is standing. The right size bed should be slightly larger than your measurements.

You need to be sure he can stretch out comfortably and shift positions. Even if he usually sleeps curled up you want him to have the space to stretch out.

Dog beds come in many shapes: nests, balls, sofa shaped furniture, cuddler(donut), and square flat mattresses. Choose a shape good for your dog breed. You want a supportive one that supports him including his neck.

Types of dog beds good for small dogs:

Sofa beds that have a 3-sided bolster, open front and 2" or more foam bottom. These are good for dogs that like to stretch out and curl up. They are more expensive then other since they usually have wood frames.

Orthopedic beds with 2-4" thick foam. You need to judge the thickness of padding by the size of your dog. Teacup size needs 2" while a small dog needs 4".

Nest beds have firm removable cushions with an open side.

The right filler materical is important. They come in
solid foam or stuffing. Choose a filler that will be comfortable for your dog by taking into consideration his size, age and health.

Poly-fill beds are stuffed with little pieces of foam. Choose a high-loft poly-fill when buying one of these so it won't flatten out and loose it's spring with use. Another thing is to buy fill that stays evenly distributed throughout the bed. This is called "baffled chambers."

Be sure the bed isn't to high for your small dog. You don't want him to have to high a bed and injury himself when getting in or out or falling out during the night.

Most small dogs like to see his owner during the night so be sure he can see out and over his bed.

The materical of the cover is important too so it's not to hot or cold for him depending on the weather. Lambs wool is good for cold climates and canvas is good or summer.

Small dogs don't like to sleep in beds with strong odors like cedar. While cedar is good for repelling fleas your doggie doesn't like it either.

Finally, you need a good dog bed cover. It needs to be easily cleaned. A 100% machine-washable fabric that can be removed easily is the best choice. Choose something that also will stand up to sharp toenails and stains. A pillowcase can be used too. Just put removable cushions in pillowcase or use a sheet to cover if it can't be removed. Then you can easily remove and wash weekly. Using a pillowcase will preserve the life of the cushion also.

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