Do you have a puppy or dog that chews everything is site? They do love shoes and other leather objects. Dogs like the way it smells (because it smells like you) and the taste.

There could be many reasons your puppy or dog is chewing. First, be sure he is healthy so have your vet check him out. Aside normal instinct for puppies to chew there is a medical condition that could be causing your dog to eat non-food items in an attempt to deal with nausea.

Second, do you have a dog breed that tends to chew a lot? Some dog breeds are bred for hunting like retrievers so they have a predisposition to chew things.

Third, is there a change in his daily living lately? Dogs like the same routine. This stress could come out in chewing everything in sight.

Fourth, is your dog bored? Does he get enough attention? Dogs like being around people so spend time with him. Be sure he gets plenty of time outside and exercise.

However, if he is just following his natural instincts and a part of a puppy’s development to chew like puppies do there are things you can do.

Puppy proof his environment as much as you can to prevent this behavior. Put leather items and shoes away. Also put dangerous items away like poisonous houseplants, household chemicals, electrical cords, etc that could cause harm to your puppy.

It is important you give your puppy a toy specifically for chewing. Of course, give your puppy the right size of toy for his size, a variety of chewing toys and rotate them. Drs Foster and Smith have rawhide dog bones that don't have harmful chemical or bleaching in them and they are nutritious.Pressed Rawhide 10" Sticks Variety 10 pk Do not give him a chew toy that is similar to a household item.

You can try commercial anti-chew sprays, a small amount of cayenne pepper mixed with water or a mixture of one part vinegar and six parts of water to items to shop chewing. (Test first for discoloration)

When he does chew on his toys be sure to reward him. Train your puppy early by saying “no” when you find him chewing on something he should not be and take the item away from him. Try saying “no’ and spray him with a water bottle or a light tap on his nose.

Another way that seems effective is crate training.

One final note. You do not want to stop your puppy or dog from chewing altogether Since is a healthy habit for him.

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