The Toy Fox Terrier is also called the America Toy Terrier and the Amertoy.

This robust toy dog is a playful companion dog. He may be small in size but he thinks he is big! He is determined and not easily intimidated.

These dogs are a well balanced and have grace and agility in equal measure with stamina and strength.

The Toy Fox Terrier has an alert expression with a muscular body and an elegant outline. He has a black nose with round and dark eyes. His ears are v-shaped and are erect with a docked tail that is short and carried high. HIs hair is short, thick and glossy which is predominately white with black and tan markings. Weight: 3.5-7 pounds
Height: 10 inches
Life Span: 13-15 years


  • Tough
  • Bright
  • Curious
  • Loyal
  • Affectionate
  • Intelligent
  • Active
  • Loving
  • Plesant
  • Bold
  • Athletic
The Toy Fox Terrier's are wonderful indoor companions that are highly animated and can be highly comical and entertaining. They tend to be a playful dog their whole life's.

These dogs love human company, are eager to please and are great lap dogs. With their high intelligence, they are very trainable and learn quickly. This also makes them easily house trained.

They have excellent hearing and are a great hearing dog for the deaf. They can be trained to take a person to the source of sounds like a phone ringing.

He will make a good family pet but not recommended for a family with small children. He is hurt to easily because of his size. He does like to play fly ball and fetch with older children. He will accept other dogs in the family.

The Toy Fox Terrier does still have his ancient terrier instincts and he likes to hunt like chasing squirrels and rodents. They however make good apartment dogs and are active indoors.


These dogs are descended from the large Fox Terriers but are considered a separate breed. They trace their lineage to the Smooth Fox Terrier back to 1875-76. The original Fox Terrier breed standard was established in England in 1976 and they were 18-20 pounds. It is believed that the Toy Fox Terrier originated with careful breeding with Smooth Fox Terriers and out crosses to other toy breeds like the Manchester Terrier and Chihuahua.


Legg Calve Perthes
Can't tolerate cold weather - need coat.


Easy to groom with occasional brushing and keeping nails short. They are light shedders.

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