The Boston Terrier is a distinctive and dapper looking dog and are very popular in the United States because of their excellent character. They are an excellent breed for first time owners.

They are also known as the Yankee Terrier. This breed is in the non-sporting group.


They originated in the USA, Boston to be precise. They are a cross between an English Terrier and an English Bulldog. Around 1870 a progeny of these dogs named "Judge" was imported to Boston. Thru strict breeding programs the Boston Terrier of today was developed.


This breed have small strong, sturdy and compact bodies. They have a short and square muzzle, broad chest, muscular legs, large round eyes, short tail and ears that sit erect and at the corner of their skull. Their coats are very short and shiny. They are either brindle and white or black and white. The placements of the makings are called tuxedo patterning.

Height: 15-17 inches
Weight: 10-25 pounds
Life Span: 15+years

Boston Terrier Picture


  • Gentle

  • Alert

  • Intelligent

  • Well-mannered

  • Sense of humor

  • Playful

These dogs are a great with children(if raised with them) and they love to play with them. They also are good for the elderly and friendly to strangers. They are very devoted to their owners. They usually get along with other pets in the household, too. They adjust to any lifestyle.

This breed likes to be part of a family. They like to go everywhere with you and sense they can be fairly light in weight and can easily be carried you can take them along if you wish. They like to learn, pick up things quickly and are not difficult to train. May be difficult to housebreak though. Check out Boston Terrier Secrets to help you have the happiest, healthiest and most well behaved Boston Terrier.

You should have a box full of toys for them indoors since they like to play. Regular walks or a fenced-in yard is required.


Little grooming is needed for these dogs because of their short coats. Wipe their face with a damp cloth everyday and clean eyes carefully. Check ears and eyes for grass seeds and ticks.

Because of their short coats they don't shed a lot but cannot stand to be out in the cold long. They love to sleep under the covers!


  • Eye
  • Epilepsy
  • Thyroid
  • Auto immune

These dogs are very trainable but are sensitive to the tone of your voice. They need to be properly socialized to get along well with children, the elderly and other pets. It's best to buy a Boston Terrier from a responible and reputable breeder. Ask about the pups parents to see if they passed the CERF (eye), BAER (ear) and OFA (joint) testing before they were bred.

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