Is commercial dog food bad for your dog? The answer is yes – most of them are. It seems more than 95% of the U.S. pets get their nutritional needs from one source, processed pet food.. Pet food is one of the world's most synthetic edible products.

Most people think that is chicken, good cuts of beef and fresh grains but it usually is what is left from slaughtered cattle, chicken and other animals that aren’t used for human consumption. This can be intestines, lungs, feet, etc. Sometimes, diseased carcasses and euthanized animal are included.

Have you heard of the 4 D's? They are the kind of cattle that are sent to rendering plants.

  • Dead
  • Dying
  • Diseased
  • Disabled

After this material is shredded, cooked, cooled and the grease is skimmed off which makes animal fat. The rest is pressed and dried which results in by-products or bad dog food.

The whole grains have had the starch removed to use for corn starch and other uses. The grains can also be contaminated and can cause your dog to become sick. Fat is sprayed on the food so your pet does not smell the rancid odor. Additives add color and flavors but no nutritional value.

These chemical additives and low quality ingredients can result in diseases in your pet from skin allergies to cancer.

There are six deadly chemicals that have been banned as unfit for human consumption that is in commercial dog food. They cause kidney disease, stomach cancer, liver dysfunction, blindness, leukemia skin (fur) loss and skin cancer.

You need to learn how to read commercial dog food labels. There are standards se by the AAFCO but it seems they are hidden meanings in the label's wording.

Want more information on commerical dog food and what you should be feeding your dog?

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