"Dog Day Care Centers"

Dog day care is growing in popularity. It started in California in 1987 and has been spreading across the country every since.

I must admit it's not something I was aware of. Of course, I know about kennels - a place to take your dog if you just can't take him with you on a trip but not dog day care. Isn't it child day care? Anyway, one day when I was talking with my son he mentioned he was taking his dog to dog day care the next day. What's that? Anyway he said he dog loved going there and he even had a dog friend. Well, I had to look into this and so here is what I came up with.

Dog day care is much like day care for children. You drop your dog off in the mornings and pick him up after work. Your dog gets to socialize with other dogs, gets outdoor exercise, have activities, play games like fetch. They even have nap time! They have tug toys, balls and toys to climb on. Some places have couches, chairs and even bean bags for them. They even can attend an obedience class.

These centers are generally in a large open space like a renovated warehouse. They have an area for large dogs and one for small dogs. They will also have a large outdoor area.

Some centers have cameras going that you can get on the internet and see what your dog is doing. Do child care centers have that?

These centers are great for people who feel guilty about spending so much time away from their dogs. They offer dog owners options giving their dog a day of play rather than boredom and loneliness at home. They get to interact with other dogs, get exercise and have fun.

You know some dogs get so lonely and bored at home alone they get into mischief like chewing on shoes, furniture and whatever they can find. Some dogs suffer from separation anxiety so this would be a great way to help them by giving them dogs to play with and people around.

Check out these factors when choosing a dog day care center.

  • Are the employees trained? Some have been trained in dog behavior, first aid and obedience training.

  • Is the facility clean? Is there an area specifically for the dogs to potty? How does the center smell?

  • Is the facility overcrowded?

  • Is the staff to dog ratio good? One staff member to every 10-15 dogs is optimun.

  • Does it look like the staff enjoys the dogs?

  • Is there a security fence around the outdoor areas? Are they high enough to prevent dogs from jumping over?

  • Midday meals?

  • Do they give medications?

To get in a center your dog needs:

  • Current vaccinations.

  • Flea prevention

  • Sprayed/neutered

  • Dog must get along with other dogs.

Some centers have other services like overnight boarding, dog training and grooming facilities. Some will even pick your dog up and home and return him at night.

I found cost from $15.00 a day to $35.00 a day plus weekly rates so shop around.

These dog day care centers do provide a safe and healthy atmosphere with lots of interaction with people and other dogs.
Would you like to own a dog day care center? Here is an ebook that gives you the step by step startup system. "Do doggy Day Care - A Complete Guide"!

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