"The Golden Retriever - A Popular Family Dog"

The Golden Retriever is affectionatily known as a "Goldie" or"Yellow Retriever." He is the most common family dog regristated consistently. They have a personality that is eager to please and they are self-confident, alert and active.

He is a middle size dog with a broad head with a muscular neck and thighs and a broad chest. He has a tapering and wide muzzle, black nose, brown eyes with dark iris, medium sized ears and teeth that meet in a scissors bite.
His lustrous coat is feathered, medium-length, cream to golden-colored. The outer coat is water-repellent and the undercoat is dense.

Dogs: 22-25 inches tall
60-80 pounds

Bitches: 20-22 inches tall
55-70 pounds

Life Span: 10-13 years

Golden Retriever's date back to the early 1800's when they were popular in Scotland. A Scottish nobleman who became Lord Tweedmonth, who was an ardent waterfowl enthusiantist, wanted a dog for retrieving fowl. So he cross bred a Tweedmonth, Irish Setter and a small Newfoundland until medium sized dog was developed which thy called the Yellow Retriever or Golden Retriever. In the late 1800's they became well known in North America.

Today's Golden Retriever comes in two groups: Show Dogs and Field Dogs. The show dogs are usually bigger-boned, longer, heavier and champagne color. The field dogs are smaller, longer legged and more reddish shades.

The "Goldie" is a wonderful family pet that is good with children and other pets. He is highly trainable and very intelligent. They make excellent hunters but also can be trained to be a companion to disabled people including a guide dog for the blind. They also are used for drug detection and search and rescue work.

Golden Retrievers want to please their master so obedience training is easy. He is friendly with everyone so he doesn't make a good guard dog but a good watchdog. He needs people around to be happy He loves to play, swim and retrieve - a stick, tennis ball or a flying disc.


  • Lovable

  • Well-mannered

  • Patient and gentle with children

  • Loyal

    Golden Retriever Picture

  • Confident

  • Sweet

  • Intelligent

  • Easily trained


They need regular brushing with a bristle brush or comb. Daily brushing keeps their coat healthy and decreases shedding since they shed a fair amount. Bathe as needed.


Generally the Golden Retriever is a healthy dog but like all dogs they can be prone to disease. They are:

  • Hip dysplasia - most common
  • Epilepsy
  • Cataracts
  • Intropion - eyelid problems
  • Skin allergies
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Von Willebrand's - blood disease

It's best to check the parents of the dog you are going to buy for von Willebrand's disease, heart problems and hip dysplasia. Check to see if the parents have healthy hips and if examined by OFA or Penn Hip.

Although the Golden Retriever is a wonderful dog be sure you are up to all that's involved in having one.

  • His tail is constantly wagging which means many things can go flying.

  • He shed heavily twice a year.

  • He need an excess of 20-30 minutes of exercise twice a day.

  • Although he is easily trained he still needs to be trained with a gentle but firm hand. Puppy kindergarten and obedience classes are recommeneded.

  • He needs families that have the time to take care of him and that are around.

  • Not good for small houses.

Some famous Golden Retriever's are:

  • Duke - Bush's Baked Bean commericals
  • Comet - TV's Full House
  • Shadow - Homeward Bound

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