Their are many reasons to get a pet door, they can be a great convenience, they save you time and steps.

  • Allows dog to come and go as needed.

  • It's the answer to the annoying problem of being on door duty.

  • No more ruined carpets or scratched doors.

  • No more night trips to let your dog out.

  • You don't need to worry about getting home at a certain time to let your dog out.
Pet doors come in many types and styles. You can get just plastic flaps to infra-red pet doors and everything in between. You can put them in patio doors, regular doors or walls. The doors you put your pet door in can be glass, screen or wood.

You can purchase a pet door that has:

  • Tamper proof mounting system

  • Instulation which creates a pocket between the flaps

  • Automatic doors

  • Infra-red doors - pets wear an infra-red collar key.

  • Magnetically locked doors - magnetic switch keeps door closed until your dog, wearing a magnet on his collar, triggers the switch to open the door.

You can find plastic and metal doors. Plastic is usually used for low to medium use and usually the outdoor access is covered. Metal doors are used for more frequent use and high energy dogs.

You can find ones for dogs up to 12 pound to 200 pounds!

To figure out what size of opening (width) you need measure the width of your dog at his widest point. It should be just a little wider then that.

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