A Dachshund For Life

My cousin, Maria, and I grew up together. We used to meet each other almost everyday and even if one of us was posted in a different city, we made sure we spent the entire three months of summer holidays under one roof.
It’s funny, after all this time, now that we are married; we are again living in the same city. She has two boys and I am blessed with two boys and a girl, so we are both pretty busy in our lives.

Still, we manage to meet up at least once in every ten days to catch up on each others lives. The other day she told me on the phone that she bought the kids a dog. I was kind of surprised because I thought she already had a lot on her plate, and didn’t know how she going to manage the dog as well, but I kept quiet.

It was only when I visited her last week, did I get to see ‘the dog!!!’
It was a dachshund, a small, cute, brown dog, no taller than six inches of the ground. I burst out laughing when I saw her. Now, I understood why Maria wasn’t so bothered by it. It was small, but extremely energetic. It jumped up and down when I entered the gate, wagging its tail in a friendly manner.
The kids were leaving to take her for the evening walk. Maria told me that Dachshunds have a lot of energy and they must be taken for their regular exercise, without fail.

We had a cup of tea together while all the five kids went for the walk. When we were driving back home, my kids told me how important they felt when they were out with the dog. They said everyone eyed them with envy, people stopped to admire the dog and asked about his origin. It was red carpet treatment for them and they loved it!!! Oh no... I might have to investigate small dog breeds.

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