Choose dog toys according to their size, safety and their activity level. Toys are instrumental to their physical and mental fitness. They give your puppy or dog something to do when you are gone.

Don't get toys that are so small your puppy can choke on, even too small balls. They should not have something that would break off that the dog could swallow and choke on. Don't get plush ones if your dog is rough with them because he will rip them apart.

Purchase safe, fun and durable toys. purchase ones made of hard rubber are safer and last longer. They like squeaky toys but need to play with them when you are with them.

There are many safe and good toys you can get for your puppy or dog. Check out pet stores and the internet. Just be careful what your are buying.


Rope toys

Hard rubber balls

Rubber cubes - busy boxes toys that has treats in them - dogs love them.

Dog bones - sturdy rubber.

Tennis balls - check often for cracks.

Small rubber toys - shaped like animals, etc.

Small plush toys - called comfort toys that are small and light.

Treat toys - put smack in them

Pull toys - come in wand type or bone shape with knotted ends.

Give your puppy or dog 3-4 toys at a time because they can get bored with too many. Rotate them to keep your dog's interest or try an automatic toy dispenser.

Here is another idea - make your own dog toys! Are you tired of paying for expensive dog toys? Learn how to make your own from items around your own house. A newsletter also come with so you keep getting new ideas.

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